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Solmetex Hg5 Collection Container (Recycle Kit)

At the center of the Hg5 amalgam separation system is the proven recycling container. Solmetex does all the hard work and disposes of the mercury under federal guidelines for you. Once you’re set up with an Hg5 system that fits your practice, you’ll need to exchange the lower container when it fills up, or once a year. It’s quick and easy!

Solmetex Hg5 Series - Amalgam Separators

The Hg5 is the gold standard in Amalgam Separation and meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for the safe removal of mercury in the dental office. The Hg5 series comes in several sizes to fit your practice set up.
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Think you don’t need an Amalgam Separator?
Think Again!

Amalgam pollutes our environment
Dental Amalgam, a 50% mercury product, currently accounts for between 240-300 tons of mercury entering the market every year. This makes dental offices the second largest user of mercury in the United States. Without an Amalgam Separator, dental amalgam ends up in our environment polluting water via dental clinic releases. Once in the environment, dental mercury converts to its even more toxic form: methlmercury and becomes a major source of mercury in the fish people eat.

Be Environmentally Responsible, Just like Your Patients
According to the ADA, more than 77% of patients practice some form of recycling, which means they will be taking note as to who is environmentally responsible. With the noticeable change in environmental attitudes, there has been a great demand for green business practices. More and more dentists are considering purchasing Amalgam Separators in order to decrease the amount of amalgam in the wastewater leaving their offices.

It Could be the Law!
Dentists who place or remove amalgams beware: The trend requiring them to install amalgam separators continues to grow. Presently, more than 7 states, including New York, require separators by law or regulation. Similar legislation has been filed or is pending in several other states. Not to mention, there are several cities requiring dentists to install separators; including Seattle and San Francisco.

Let us help ease your worry about being compliant
Here at Discount Disposables, we’ve always been committed to our environment, to your patients and especially to you: the Dentist. Through our partnership with SolmetexDental we’re able to provide you with the most complete and easiest amalgam separator package available. The Solmetex Hg5 Series Separator Units are the proven answer to your amalgam concerns. Our comprehensive knowledge and investigations of Federal, State and Local regulations allow you to practice dentistry while we manage your environmental compliance.

To find out more about Amalgam Separators or about how we can help ensure your practice runs smoothly contact us by emailing or by calling 800-366-0973.

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