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BirexSE Disinfectant Cleaner

BirexSE is an inexpensive hospital-level disinfectant that kills TB in 10 minutes. Formulation will not crack or dry-out upholstery. 1 packet of 1/8 oz. concentrate makes 32 ounces (1 Spray Bottle).
From $116.95

Cavicide Disinfectant Spray

CaviCide disinfectant is the ideal surface cleaning and disinfectant. It's effective against TB in 3 minutes, and HIV-1, HCV, HBV and MRSA in 2 minutes.
From $11.75

Cavicide1 Surface Disinfectant-Decontaminant Cleaner

Cavicide1 is the ONLY 1 step low alcohol surface disinfectant offering a 1-minute TB, bacteria, virus, and fungi kill claim, plus over 25 other clinically relevant organism kill claims.
From $13.50

CaviWipes Disinfectant Wipes

CaviWipes is an intermediate level surface disinfectant wipe that kills TB in 3 minutes. CaviWipes are free of aldehydes, phenols, bleach, or other toxic chemicals.
From $11.25

CaviWipes1 Disinfectant Wipes

With CaviWipes1 surface disinfectant wipes you can wipe out TB and over 20 other microorganisms in just 1 minute! Perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating surfaces and devices.
From $11.95

Kimtech WetTask Wiping System

Use your favorite solution to make your own wipes! The low lint wipes feature a strong hydroknit base sheet for saturated wiping.
From $83.95

Lysol I.C. Disinfectant Spray

58% ethyl alcohol, hospital grade disinfectant proven to kill harmful microorganisms, such as TB. Control Flo valve enhances surface coverage while minimizing airborne particles. Light, pleasant scent.
From $13.95

Optim 1 One-Step Disinfectant Wipes

With a 1 minute broad-spectrum contact time, OPTIM 1 is one of the fastest and most effective cleaner & intermediate level disinfectants. It is listed as a category IV, the EPA’s lowest toxicity category.
From $14.50

Optim 33TB Disinfectant Wipes

Optim 33TB Disinfectant Wipes kill TB in 5 minutes and have no health warnings! Safe for the user, non-toxic, fast, and effective.
From $13.95

Optim 33TB One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

Quick, Clean and Safe! OPTIM 33TB products are made with a specially formulated blend of powerful and safe chemicals. Optim is a safe and potent germicide that is fast acting, easy to use and biodegradable.
From $1.95