Amalgam Recycling

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Amalgam Waste Recycling System

Use to properly store and recycle amalgam waste, including contact and non-contact scrap amalgam, chairside traps, disposable amalgam capsules and extracted teeth containing amalgam fillings. Includes prepaid return shipping label.
From $135.95

Amalgam Recovery

Solmetex Amalgam Recovery Bucket includes everything required to safely recycle all dental amalgam waste; contact amalgam, non-contact amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, expended amalgam capsules, chairside traps and vacuum pump filters. Includes prepaid return shipping, all packaging materials, and certificate of recycling.
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Mail-back recycling and disposal product. Most convenient, cost-effective way to properly manage amalgam & amalgam contaminated items.
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Amalgam-Recycling Product


The Importance of Amalgam Recycling

Studies from the EPA show that almost 50% of mercury in public waste water systems is derived from dental offices. If your office places or removes amalgam, then the office is generating hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of properly not just being flushed don't the drain or in the regular trash. Federal regulations and some states will impose fines and other penalties when an office is improperly disposing of hazardous waste.

Avoid these fines by following the ADA's series of "Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste":

  • Use Chair Side Traps
  • Install Amalgam Separators
  • Use Vacuum Collection
  • Inspect and Clean Traps OR Use Disposable Traps the can be put in Amalgam Storage Containers
  • Collect and Recycle Amalgam

Dentists have always been good caretakers of the environment and we encourage our customers to, when possible, follow these recommendations in order to limit the release of dental amalgam waste into the environment.

      Discount Disposables offers a couple of inexpensive options for amalgam recycling.

    • Amalgon - Recycling and Disposal Kit

      Amalgon is used for recycling of chair-side traps, vacuum filters, screens, capsules, amalgam-contaminated teeth, and scrap amalgam. Price include storage container, packaging, prepaid UPS shipping label and recycling.

      Fill It Bag It Package It Mail It
      Fill container with chair-side traps, vacuum filters, screens, capsules, amalgam-contaminated teeth, and scrap amalgam. Once the container is full, or within 12 months, place in provided plastic bag and close with tie. Place the bag into the Return Shipping Box and attach pre-paid UPS label. Give to your UPS driver and you're done! It's that easy!


    • Solmetex Hg5 Amalgam Separators

      Recipient of: Dental Advisor's Editors’ Choice with a 5+ rating Award and 2014 Preferred Product Award

      Solmetex amalgam separator do not require tools, daily maintenance, electricity or pumps. There are no contracts with hidden fees or additional charges for shipping to a recycling facility! The collection Kit includes everything you need for proper recycling and disposal: Collection container, Proper box for shipping, Shipping label and Recycling documentation. One size fits all systems!

There has been a significant shift in environmental attitudes with a greater demand for green business practices. With more than 77% of our patients practicing some form of regular recycling, they are beginning to take note as to who is environmentally responsible. If improperly managed by dental offices, hazardous dental amalgam waste can be released into the environment. Let’s go above and beyond to serve our patients and protect the environment.

It is user's responsibility to check compliance with Federal, State and local jurisdictions.