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Biocide G30

No activator needed. Ready-to-use 2.65% Acidic Glutaraldehyde, 30 day sterilizing and disinfecting solution. 45 Minute high-level disinfection, 10 hour sterilization.
From $46.95

Vacusol Ultra Evacuation Cleaner

Daily evacuation line cleaner and deodorizer that strips and cleans organic and inorganic debris, and flushes debris from the lines. Concentrated, non-foaming, anti-corrosive. Fresh lemon scent.
From $127.95

BirexSE Disinfectant Cleaner

BirexSE is an inexpensive hospital-level disinfectant that kills TB in 10 minutes. Formulation will not crack or dry-out upholstery. 1 packet of 1/8 oz. concentrate makes 32 ounces (1 Spray Bottle).
From $131.95

EZ 1-2-3 Atomizer

Clean up to 3 operatories in 1 mix! Attach the vacuum lines onto the lid's built in adapters. Inside, graduated tubing acts as a self-regulating shut-off for effortless and effective cleaning.
From $60.50