Electronics in Healthcare - Prevent Cross-Contamination!

Devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops are increasingly becoming part of most dental and healthcare offices. With the increase in use comes the increase in the risk for cross-contamination.

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Getting Back to the Basics of Infection Control

Infection Control can be a daunting and time-consuming task for anyone. Putting the right procedures in place with the right people steering it is crucial to the success of any Infection Control Program. The first steps in getting the program up and running are the most important, they are the basics that lay the foundation for success. 

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Getting Back to the Basics of Infection Control
FDA Guidelines for Reprocessing Handpieces

Although the principles of infection control remain unchanged; new technologies, materials, equipment, and data require continuous evaluation of current infection control practices. 

The Discount Disposables team stays on top of industry standards and recommendations and can help you with all of your infection control needs. 

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FDA Guidelines for Reprocessing Handpieces