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Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide cleaner is ready-to-use and ideal for daily use in high-turnover areas. Fast kill times on more than 40 microorganisms, including 13 antibiotic-resistant organisms. Kills TB in 4 minutes. No added fragrances or harsh odors. Stays wet for entire contact time.
From $7.25

Cavicide1 Surface Disinfectant-Decontaminant Cleaner

Cavicide1 is the ONLY 1 step low alcohol surface disinfectant offering a 1-minute TB, bacteria, virus, and fungi kill claim, plus over 25 other clinically relevant organism kill claims.
From $13.75

Optim 1 One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

With a 1 minute broad-spectrum contact time, OPTIM 1 is one of the fastest and most effective cleaner & intermediate level disinfectants. It is listed as a category IV, the EPA’s lowest toxicity category.
From $11.25

Optim 33TB One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

Quick, Clean and Safe! OPTIM 33TB products are made with a specially formulated blend of powerful and safe chemicals. Optim is a safe and potent germicide that is fast acting, easy to use and biodegradable.
From $1.95

Cavicide Disinfectant Spray

CaviCide disinfectant is the ideal surface cleaning and disinfectant. It's effective against TB in 3 minutes, and HIV-1, HCV, HBV and MRSA in 2 minutes.
From $12.25

With Hundreds of Disinfectant Sprays out there, Which One Should YOU Choose?

There are a lot of hard surface disinfectant sprays and high level disinfectants on the market today. How do you make the best choice when they are so many options? Research takes time and you are already busy enough. That's why we have done the work in searching for high level disinfectant sprays for you.

The biggest consideration in choosing a surface disinfectant spray as stated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is to choose one that "Is a chemical germicide registered with the EPA as a 'hospital disinfectant' and labeled for tuberculocidal activity to be used on surfaces that have been contaminated with patient material."

We recommend two hard surface disinfectant sprays that meet the CDC guidelines. If time is of the essence, we recommend CaviCide1. If using a product with no health hazards is of utmost importance then we recommend Optim 33TB.

For a Quick Turnaround Time
If quickly turning around your room is most important than we recommend CaviCide1. This all new, exceptionally fast and effective alcohol disinfectant spray kills TB in 1-minute. Cavicide1 is effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in 1-minute including TB, Norovirus, A baumannii, HIV-1, HBV, HCV and many more. It is a ready-to-use alcohol disinfectant spray; so no dilution is required. It is compatible with common hard, non-porous surfaces found in the clinical environment. It's fragrance free so there are no irritating odors. Available in three convenient sizes: 24 ounce spray, gallons, and 2.5 gallon containers.

For a Safe and "Green" Option
If using a safer and environmentally-friendly high level disinfectant spray is most important in your office, then Optim 33TB is the optimal choice. Optim 33TB has no precautionary warnings on the label, it's non-irritating to eyes and skin, there are no noxious fumes, and it's biodegradable. Not only is it safe, it is fast. It's effective against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in 1-minute and has a TB kill claim of only 5 minutes. Optim 33TB is also available in a wipe.

Check out these hard surface disinfectant sprays online or give us a call for more information. We would like to learn about your specific needs and discuss the various options.