Evacuation System Cleaners

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Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner - Liquid

Guaranteed to Improve Suction Performance! Bio-Pure is a microbial evacuation system cleaner that continues cleaning between uses 24/7. It is amalgam separator compliant, non-foaming, 100% natural, and eliminates the need to clean traps daily.
From $76.95

EZ 1-2-3 Atomizer

Clean up to 3 operatories in 1 mix! Attach the vacuum lines onto the lid's built in adapters. Inside, graduated tubing acts as a self-regulating shut-off for effortless and effective cleaning.
From $60.50

Pour and Clean Bottle

16 Ounce dispensing bottle that easily converts Vacuum Clean tablets into a liquid concentrate for maintenance and upkeep of the high and low speed vacuum lines from the tip to the trap.
From $6.75

Bio-Pure eVac System Maintenance

Used twice a week, Bio-Pure Evac Cleaner maintains clean lines with a proprietary microbial formula that continues to clean between uses. 100% Natural, neutral pH formula is safe for all pump equipment including amalgam separators.
From $27.95

Bio-Pure eVac System Restore Kit

Restores and maintains evacuation system flow and function by actively beaking down and digesting organic waste. Includes 6 oz. Restore and Dispenser.
From $77.95

Vacuum Clean Tablets

Weekly maintenance tablet that goes in the chairside trap to clean and leave lines clear of debris and fresh smelling. Can also be dissolved to clean lines daily.
From $38.95

Vacuum Shock Tablets

Maximum strength tablet designed for pre-cleaning and decontamination of vacuum lines. Breaks up and removes amalgam, fluorides, bio-film and age old accumulations that have built up deep inside the lines.
From $36.95

Vacusol Ultra Evacuation Cleaner

Daily evacuation line cleaner and deodorizer that strips and cleans organic and inorganic debris, and flushes debris from the lines. Concentrated, non-foaming, anti-corrosive. Fresh lemon scent.
From $127.95