Gloves - Exam

Looking for Discount Dental Exam Gloves?

The use of exam gloves in dentistry is a primary infection control focus for the healthcare worker. However, even with simple items such as exam gloves, there are many things to take into consideration when deciding which glove to purchase/use.

On many occasions you can find the perfect glove for the whole office only to find that with time someone develops contact dermatitis and the search for the perfect glove must continue. Other times you need to choose multiple gloves for the office because of the different preferences the Dr's, hygienists or assistants might have.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, Discount Disposables has the dental exam glove solution for you! With many years of research and expertise in helping customers find their perfect gloves, we're sure to find you the exam glove/s that the whole office will love. We have a large variety of gloves that can fulfill your needs at discounted prices.

Latex Gloves

Discount Disposables offers a variety of latex exam gloves for you to choose from. Gloves such as the Maytex Upperhand PF are perfect for cost-conscious offices looking for an inexpensive glove. However, we also carry premium gloves such as Cranberry's Silkcare Latex gloves which are available in both fitted and non-fitted options.

Nitrile Gloves

With more and more practices turning away from latex gloves due to patient or employee allergies, we carry a wide variety of nitrile gloves to meet your needs. Cranberry's R200 Nitrile gloves is an inexpensive glove with expensive features: Revosoft formulation for unprecedented softness and comfort, 200 count box to optimize storage space & efficiency and textured fingers for enhanced grip. If you're looking for a glove made for moderate to high risk settings, the Kimberly-Clark KC500 is the ideal glove. With its AQL rating of 1.0, KC500 gloves offer the highest level of protection from defects and chemicals.

Fitted (L/R) Gloves

We also have latex and non-latex fitted exam gloves available for the dental professionals who are looking for gloves of superior comfort and perfect fit. Left and Right hand fitted gloves reduce stress and fatigue on hands.

Whether you are going through hand fatigue or pain, contact dermatitis or simply looking for a less expensive option give us a call. We're sure to find the glove you need. If you have questions or would like samples of products before purchasing please call us at 800-366-0973 or email