Face Masks

Looking for Discounted Dental Face Masks?

In the healthcare setting, choosing the correct face mask is a key factor in protecting the user and patients from the spread of potentially infectious materials. There are many components involved in deciding which mask provides the level of protection that best fits the dental procedure at hand. Discount Disposables has done the research and we're sure that you'll find the face mask that best fits your needs

Not All Masks are Created Equal

Although some dental professionals think face masks protect them from inhaling particles in the air, the function of a dental face mask is to protect the user from droplets or spatter. Moisture and the numerous handpieces, instruments and lab equipment make the dental treatment room the ideal breeding place for microorganisms. Potentially infectious materials can be spread with the droplets and spatter created inside the dental treatment rooms which is why it's so important to choose the appropriate mask for the task at hand.

What criteria should be used when choosing the appropriate facemask?

When chooshing which masks your office will use keep in mind the level of contamination anticipated. If you're looking for a minimal performance mask to be used as a simple physical barrier for exams or dry, short procedures we have plenty of options for you to choose from. If you anticipate low, moderate or heavy amounts of fluid, spray or aerosol we have a variety of ASTM Certified masks for you to choose from.

The FDA recommends that masks demonstrate peak performance in fluid resistance, differential pressure, filter efficiency, and flammability. Depending on the levels of blood or fluid expected ASTM International, one of the most popular standards for mask testing, recommends masks in 3 different levels of protection based on these categories.

ASTM F2100-11 Standards ASTM Level 1 Mask ASTM Level 2 Mask ASTM Level 3 Mask
Fluid Resistance, mmHg 80 120 160
BFE =95% =98% =98%
PFE, @ 0.1 micron =95% =98% =98%
Delta P, mm H20/cm2 < 4.0 < 5.0 < 5.0
Flame Spread Class 1 Class 1 Class 1
Procedure Anticipate low amount of blood/fluid spray and/or aerosol exposure. Anticipate moderate amount of blood/fluid spray and/or aerosol exposure. Anticipate heavy amount of blood/fluid spray and/or aerosol exposure.


Maximum Filtration - N95 Respirators

We also carry N95 Particulate Respirators from Crosstex. Respirators offer the MAXIMUM protection in filtration efficiency. They are designed to protect the wearer againt breathing particles or aerosols that can contain airborne diseases such as TB, influenza or other viruses. Although these masks resemble a surgical mask, they are a respirator and must be used in accordance with all OSHA regulations regarding respiratory protection. (which can be found here Respirator Medical Regulations)

What ever your needs may be Discount Disposables can help you find the perfect mask for the task at hand! Call to find out how we've helped others like you save on their dental face mask solution! For FREE samples or questions call 800-366-0973 or email us at