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Deluxe Safe’n’Sure PSP Envelopes

The best PSP envelope you can buy! Features unique EZ-GLIDE loader / sealer so you never touch the plate.
From $60.95

Digi Loops Sensor Holders

Heavy-duty paperboard bite wings that simply 'loop' around the sensor. Color coded so you can easily pick the correct size.
From $20.50

Econo Safe 'n' Sure PSP Envelopes

Safe ‘n’ Sure envelopes feature a new tear-away thumb-notch opening that makes it easy to remove plates for processing. Made of soft, supple vinyl with rounded corners to maximize patient comfort.
From $57.50

Safe 'n' Sure OPT PSP Envelopes

Users of OpTime Sorodex imaging plates can benefit from all the great features of the world's best PSP envelope.
From $73.95