Impression / Mixing

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Mixing Wells

Designed for use with all materials. Easy grip, slot design for placement of applicator.
From $15.95

Dynamic Mixer

Designed for Pentamix 1 & 2.
From $37.95

Impression Material Mixing Tips

High performance mixing tips, various available sizes/colors for different mixing needs.
From $33.50

IntraOral Mixing Tips

Match the intraoral tip with the mixing tip. Intraoral tips allow the impression materials to flow easily into the delicate margins of tooth preparations, while keeping the materials bubble-free.
From $23.50

Intra-Oral Tips

Inexpensive clear intra-oral tips for temporary materials.
From $9.25

Mixing Tip for Core Build-Up - Brown

Auto-mix tip designed for exceptional performance and ease of use.
From $10.50

Mixing Tips - For Temporary Materials

High performance mixing tips. Available in various sizes and colors for different mixing needs.
From $23.50

T-Mixing Tips & Intra-Oral Tips

40 Tips + 40 Intra-Oral Tips per bag. Innovative design minimizes material waste while providing a consistent, high quality mixing result.
From $43.50