Infection Control Barriers

Barriers for Infection Control in Dental Settings

The choice between primarily using a disinfectant vs a barrier on a surface is determined by many things: the potential for damage to the surface, the ability to easily and effective clean/disinfect the surface, and the cost & time spent disinfecting vs replacing barriers. However, many experts call for the use of barriers and especially for surfaces/equipment that are difficult to fully clean.


Barriers for equipment and surfaces are a great way to prevent cross-contamination in dental treatment rooms. They are available in various sizes, shapes and prices to fit almost any type of equipment and surface. The advancement in the design of surface barriers has created an array of easy-to-use options that can be used on items such as: handpieces, digital x-ray sensors, light handle covers and switches, curing lights, dental chairs, and even tablet covers.

Save Time

Barriers are a great time saving option. When barriers aren't used, a contaminated surface must first be cleaned and then disinfected after every patient. Depending on the surface disinfectant being used this process can take 2-10 minutes. However, when using a plastic barrier, surface cleaning and disinfection only needs to be performed at the end of each cleaning day.

When the equipment or surfaces are covered with a plastic barrier, unless the barrier has been torn or the surface is visibly contaminated, the surface or equipment does not need to be disinfected. Only the routine (e.g., between patients) replacement of the barriers is necessary.

Environmental Concerns

Some people have expressed concerns about the environmental impact that can result from dental offices disposing of plastic barriers on a daily basis. This concern and impact can be offset by the decreased use of harsh chemicals necessary for cleaning and disinfecting.

When it comes down to it, most dental offices use a combination of barriers AND cleaning/disinfecting in order to maintain proper infection control standards and minimize cross-contamination.

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