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SemperSure Nitrile Exam Gloves

SemperSure® by Sempermed nitrile examination gloves are designed for those with skin sensitivities to regular nitrile gloves. SemperSure accelerator-free gloves offer all the benefits of a nitrile glove, minus the sulfur-based chemical accelerators that cause Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies.
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ProEdge Waterline Test Kit

Reliable, easy-to-use mail-in waterline test system designed specifically for dentistry. Accurately determines the CFU’s per mL of bacteria present in the dental unit water. Each water source requires a test vial. Overnight shipping is included in the price. In stock and ships within 24 hours!

Blossom C.O.A.T.S. Nitrile Exam Gloves

The Blossom® Powder Free Nitrile Examination gloves with C.O.A.T.S.™ will protect users hands and simultaneously nourish their hands. The unique coating inside the exam gloves is formulated to incorporate the beneficial components of colloidal oatmeal, an FDA recognized skin protectant, to moisturize the hands.
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