Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Healthcare Offices

OSHA and CDC regulations make it clear that dentists are required to provide personal protective equipment to its employees at no cost to them. Items such as gloves, surgical masks, protective clothing and eyewear are all used to reduce the rash of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

In dental offices there are many opportunities for employees to be exposed to bloodborne pathogens. Dental tools and instruments such as handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and air water syringes create visible spray that mainly consists of water, saliva, blood, and other microorganisms. Although this spatter only reaches short distances, they travel far enough to land on nearby items which can include the patient and the employee.

Procedures like this show the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the office; for the prevention of cross-contamination and for the protection of your employees. The excellent quality of the personal protective products that we carry is a feature that we're proud of. The quality of your supplies has a major link with the quality of infection control that your office maintains. That's why Discount Disposables offers a variety of carefully selected PPE to ensure the safety of you and your employees.

Protective Clothing

Disposable gowns, lab jackets and lab coats offer the same protection as reusable gowns but with the added benefit of not needing to launder. There are different kinds of protective clothing that can be worn to prevent the spread of potentially infectious materials. When protective clothing is worn the sleeves should be long enough to protect the entire arm and should be disposed of regularly or when visibly soiled. Discount Disposables offers a selected variety of gowns, coats and jackets to meet your needs.

  • Disposable Isolation Gowns
    We offer fluid-resistant disposable isolation gowns with both knit cuffs and elastic cuffs. The Kimberly Clark CONTROL Cover Gowns currently in stock provide a protective three-layer SMS fabric for us when the risk of exposure to fluid is low or moderate.

  • Lab Jackets
    There is truly to substitute for a high quality lab coat or jacket like the ones we carry here at Discount Disposables. Disposable lab coats and jackets add a sense of professionalism to the office and offer superb protection. Check out our wide variety of coats in different lengths, materials and styles for your next order.


Head and Shoe Covers

Your body isn't the only thing that needs protection. Many infections can spread as a result of bacteria that cling to your shoes and hair. With products ranging from bouffant and surgeon caps, to water-repellant and skid-resistant shoe covers, Discount Disposables has you completely covered! Browse our head and shoe covers now to get the protection you need.

Whatever type of PPE you are looking for we've got you covered. Discount Disposables has taken great steps to offer a full line of PPE products at discounted prices: surgical masks, exam gloves, isolation gowns, lab coats and jackets, face shields and even antimicrobial gels.

Browse our all of the ultrasonic solutions and tablets we have available to find the one which suits your office best. Call us if you have any questions - we will be more than glad to recommend options for your specific needs.