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Amalgam Recovery

Solmetex Amalgam Recovery Bucket includes everything required to safely recycle all dental amalgam waste; contact amalgam, non-contact amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, expended amalgam capsules, chairside traps and vacuum pump filters. Includes prepaid return shipping, all packaging materials, and certificate of recycling.
From $115.00

Blossom Chloroprene Exam Gloves - Avocado Green

Latex-free with the feel of latex and durability of nitrile. Textured fingertips.
From $8.06

Blossom Chloroprene Exam Gloves - Pink

Blossom Pink Chloroprene Exam Gloves are stylish and textured, which improves tactile sensitivity without compromising durability.
From $8.06

Citrisil Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner

Citrisil is the only all-in-one, shock and daily maintenance dental water line tablet. Citrisil tablets maintain dental unit waterlines to ~≤10 CFU/ml HPC bacteria.

Comfort Plus Saliva Ejectors

Patented design featuring rounded edges and perfectly placed suction ports that help to enhance patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue.
From $5.75

CSR Sterilization Wrap

Crosstex's Sterilization Wrap has the highest bacterial filtration efficiency available. Highly permeable - no wet packs. Outstanding liquid repellancy, exceptional strength - wet or dry.
From $86.95

DentaPure DP365B Water Purification

365 Days of worry-free, labor-free ADA compliant dental unit water line purity. DentaPure is the easiest to use and most reliable dental water line purifier today.
From $239.95

Dentapure DP40 Water Purification

40 Days of worry-free, labor-free ADA compliant dental unit water line purity. Eliminates the need to chemical and tablet cleaners, shocking and testing.
From $52.95

DentaPure for Municipal Water

DentaPure is the easiest to use and the most reliable dental water purifier today. It's the only product cleared by the FDA to meet the ADA's recommendation for dental unit water quality. Change Yearly.
From $239.95

NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separators

Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separators meet or exceed all state and federal requirements for the safe removal of mercury in the dental office.
From $799.95

SafeBasics Non-Woven Sponges

The new SafeBasics sponges provide increased patient comfort with soft viscose/poly blend non-woven material, with no chemicals added to avoid allergic reactions.
From $39.95

SafeBasics Saliva Ejectors

An economical saliva ejector that will not aspirate tissue and maintains its shape. Provides optimal suction while maintaining its shape.
From $3.75

SafeSeal Quattro Sterilization Pouches

Safe-Seal Quattro are multi-parameter self-sealing pouches with internal and external indicators that meet CDC guidelines for effective sterilization. Provides peace of mind, convenience and economy.
From $7.50

Sterisil Inline Cartridge

The Sterisil Inline Cartridge is designed to be installed inside the junction box to purify and disinfect municipal water connected directly to a dental unit.
From $25.95

Sterisil Straw V2

The new Sterisil Straw V2 eliminates the hassle of dropping daily tablets and provides worry-free waterline disinfection for 365 days. As an added bonus, the Straw has a built-in shock treatment.
From $239.95

Sterisil Valved Cartridge

The Sterisil Valved Cartridge is designed to be installed in a cabinet to purify and disinfect municipal water connected directly to a dental unit.
From $67.95

Sure-Check Sterilization Pouches

A Class 4 sterilization pouch with internal/external multi-variable indicators only change color when all 3 criteria for sterilization have been met!
From $11.50