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ConFirm10 In-Office Monitoring System

A breakthrough in biological monitoring... final results in just 10 hours! Easy to use and economical. Provides peace of mind!
From $6.95

Pro-Tip Turbo Air/Water Syringe Tips

Pro-Tip Turbo A/W Syringe Tips is a dependable and safe method of dispensing air and water. Dual chamber design guarantees instant dry air and perfect misted spray. Rigid design is effective for tissue retraction. More comfortable for patients with rounded edges.
From $58.95

SafeBasics Non-Woven Sponges

The new SafeBasics sponges provide increased patient comfort with soft viscose/poly blend non-woven material, with no chemicals added to avoid allergic reactions.
From $39.95

SafeBasics Saliva Ejectors

An economical saliva ejector that will not aspirate tissue and maintains its shape. Provides optimal suction while maintaining its shape.
From $3.75

Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector Valve

The Safe-Flo SE Valve is a disposable, one-way check valve, that when used with your current saliva ejector prevents backflow. For use between the saliva ejector and the vacuum on/off switch to prevent cross contamination between patients. For a Saliva Ejector with a built-in one-way valve, check out the Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector.

SafeSeal Quattro Sterilization Pouches

Safe-Seal Quattro are multi-parameter self-sealing pouches with internal and external indicators that meet CDC guidelines for effective sterilization. Provides peace of mind, convenience and economy.
From $7.50

Sani Prozyme - Enzymatic Detergent

Designed to remove blood mucous, tissue and other proteins from delicate instruments. Not corrosive to instrument and low foaming. Designed for both manual and automated cleaning.
From $41.50

Sparkle Air Water Syringe Tips

Sparkle disposable tips are: simple to connect and lock securely; ensure distinct air/water separation; and are constructed with patient comfort and instrument longevity in mind.
From $44.95

Sterisil Inline Cartridge

The Sterisil Inline Cartridge is designed to be installed inside the junction box to purify and disinfect municipal water connected directly to a dental unit.
From $25.95

Sterisil Straw V2

The new Sterisil Straw V2 eliminates the hassle of dropping daily tablets and provides worry-free waterline disinfection for 365 days. As an added bonus, the Straw has a built-in shock treatment.
From $225.95

Sterisil Valved Cartridge

The Sterisil Valved Cartridge is designed to be installed in a cabinet to purify and disinfect municipal water connected directly to a dental unit.
From $65.95

Sure-Check Sterilization Pouches

A Class 4 sterilization pouch with internal/external multi-variable indicators only change color when all 3 criteria for sterilization have been met!
From $11.50