Prophy Angles

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BeeSure Prophy Angles

BeeSure prophy angles are made of 50% recycled plastic! They are latex-free and fit all standard handpieces.
From $25.95

Sparkle Prophy Angles

Created with hygienists' feedback, the beveled gear design in the Sparkle Prophy Angles runs vibration free and noise free. Received a 4 (++++) from The Dental Advisor. Latex-free
From $44.95

ProAngle Prophy Angles

Low cost, high quality, latex-free prophy angles. Beveled gear design for assured quality and performance. Runs smoothly without overheating.
From $162.95

ProAngle Plus Prophy Angles

Economical, high quality, and latex-free prophy angles. New design and reinforced beveled gears ensure only one angle is required per procedure. Received 4(++++) from The Dental Advisor.
From $180.95

Young Classic Prophy Angles - Elite LF Soft Web

Designed to flex and flare around the contours of the tooth for efficient polishing. External ridges offer advanced stain removal and minimal splatter.
From $190.95

Young Vera Prophy Angles - Elite Soft Web

Compact prophy head and slim neck design is designed to reach all areas of the mouth with ease. Smooth, round head for patient comfort.
From $123.95

Young Vera Prophy Angles - Petite Web

Compact prophy head and slim neck design is designed to reach all areas of the mouth with ease. Smooth, round head for patient comfort.
From $123.95

Young Classic Prophy Angles - Petite Web (LF)

Latex-free, ultra short webbed prophy angle cup design. The cup allows for optimum access in hard to reach places while maintaining the paste-holding capacity and performance. Made in the USA. Latex-free.
From $171.95

Prophy Angles Offered by Discount Disposables

Wide Range of Prophy Angles from Discount Disposables

Discount Disposables provides premium quality prophy angles. We have products specifically for children and practitioners from ergonomically designed angles, latex free cups, interproximal cups, to environmentally-friendly angles. We offer products at great prices to give the best options for your practice.

Different Types of Disposable Angles for Children

If you're working with children, our Zooby Prophy Angle is the best option. These disposable angles have fun character designs, so your young patients can choose their favorite animal designs during the treatment. These also have soft, non-latex cups.

Cost-Effective Disposable Angles

If you want to keep costs down but still maintain quality care, the Pact-Dent Pro-Angle and Pro-Angle Plus make the best choices for your needs. These non-latex cups can function smoothly without overheating. You can buy these at half the price of other brands, making them a cost-effective addition to your practice.

Ergonomically Designed Angle

If you're having soreness, wrist pain, or muscle fatigue, our ergonomically correct disposable angles are the best solutions. Our catalog includes the Ergo Prophy Angle from Pac-Dent and the Contra Prophy Angle from Young Dental. These products have cups that move and bend towards hard-to-reach places, so your wrist will stay in a neutral position-no more discomfort while treating your patients!

We also offer the Twist Prophy Angle, the only ergonomically designed angle with a 90-degree "back and forth" motion for continuous contact on the tooth. Its rotating design eliminates splatter and heat build-up caused by friction.

Green Prophy Products

When it comes to environmentally-friendly products, our EcoBee "Green" Prophy Angle is your best bet. This is made of 50% recycled plastic, with ribbed, webbed, and latex-free cups.

At Discount Disposables, your satisfaction is our priority. Browse our Preventives Category to view all products. For samples and inquiries on our disposable dental supplies, contact us at 800-366-0973 or send a message to today!