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Amalgam Waste Recycling System

Use to properly store and recycle amalgam waste, including contact and non-contact scrap amalgam, chairside traps, disposable amalgam capsules and extracted teeth containing amalgam fillings. Includes prepaid return shipping label.
From $135.95

ECO II Amalgam Separator

The ECO II Amalgam Separator was engineered to be elegant, effective and simple. As the leading amalgam separator in Europe after 15 years of popularity there, the ECO II has recently taken the American market by storm as well.
From $495.00

ECO II Replacement Canister for Amalgam Separator

Replacement canister and recycling service. Includes prepaid UPS return label for return of filled canister. Easy to change out and no tools needed. Replace when full or once a year.

PureWay Sharps Container Disposal System

Leak- and puncture-resistant containers to store and safely transport full OSHA approved sharps containers. Pre-paid UPS return shipping box for convenient return. Online tracking and documentation provided. Pre-filled manifest simplifies the return process.
From $108.95

Pureway Sharps Disposal System

Cost-effective solutions for the proper disposal of red bag and sharps waste. They are a perfect solution for multiple treatment rooms. When the container is full, simply place it in the prepaid return shipping box and leave it for pickup. It’s that simple!
From $49.95

PureWay Sharps Multi-Pack Systems

OSHA approved, puncture-resistant container for capturing needles and/or anesthetic cartridges. Pre-paid UPS return shipping box makes for convenient returns and pre-filled manifest simplifies the return process. Multi-pack systems are cost-effective solutions for the proper disposal of sharps waste.
From $89.95