Sharps Collection or Disposal

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Pureway Sharps Disposal System

Cost-effective solutions for the proper disposal of red bag and sharps waste. They are a perfect solution for multiple treatment rooms. When the container is full, simply place it in the prepaid return shipping box and leave it for pickup. It’s that simple!
From $49.95

PureWay Sharps Multi-Pack Systems

OSHA approved, puncture-resistant container for capturing needles and/or anesthetic cartridges. Pre-paid UPS return shipping box makes for convenient returns and pre-filled manifest simplifies the return process. Multi-pack systems are cost-effective solutions for the proper disposal of sharps waste.
From $89.95

Isolyser Sharps Disposal - Mail Back Disposal

Convenient and cost-effective mail-back service for sharps and other approved waste. Includes shipping carton and prepaid mailing label.
From $105.95

Isolyser Sharps Disposal - Trash Disposal

Eliminates inconvenient and costly collection services. Once full, simply add enclosed catalyst packets, let the sharps solidify with enclosed liquid and then simply dispose full container into trash!
From $70.95

Isolyser - Sharps Collection and Sharps Disposal System

WasteWise's Isolyser sharps collection and sharps disposal systems are an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to costly waste pick-up services. You will no longer have to abide by a preset disposal schedule or worry about paying full price to dispose of half-full containers.

Isolyser sharps disposal systems are the only sharps disposal product that ensures potentially infectious sharps never leave your office. This in-office treatment is designed specifically for smaller quantity generators such as dental, medical and veterinary offices.

The Isolyser system is available in 2 different versions depending on your state and local jurisdictions:

  • Isolyser/SMS Sharps Self-Disposal System
    Using Isolyser/SMS is easy. Place needles, syringes, blades, endo files, broken carpules and other sharps in the Isolyser/SMS container, which is pre-filled with patented liquid plastic monomer. When full, simply add the two catalyst packets, which will solidify the sharps inside a solid matrix. Once solidified, the needles are encapsulated, rendered unusable and safe for disposal in the regular trash in most states.

  • Isolyser/SMSm Sharps Mail-back System
    Our sharps collection costs the same as our Isolyser/SMS sharps disposal products but can be used in states where the trash-disposal system is not permitted or requires special permission. Simply place needles, syringes and other sharps medical waste in the Isolyser Mail-back Disposal container and when full, place the container inside its original box, place the pre-paid shipping label on the outside of the box and give to your mailman. The US Postal Service will deliver your package to WasteWise for treatment and disposal.

Waste pick-up companies use antiqued systems, including large, inefficient trucks, and generate a tremendous amount of pollution to collect, transport, treat and dispose small amounts of regulated waste from your office. Your container creates an immense carbon footprint as it's transported hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles before it’s finally treated and ultimately disposed of at the same disposal site as your regular office trash.

Traditional sharps collection, treatment and sharps disposal services cost about $280 per container. Isolyser sharps containers save you about $195 per container, that’s a 68% savings straight to your bottom line!

Choose Isolyser/SMSm to save money, avoid the hassles of dealing with costly waste pick-up services and reduce your Carbon Footprint.