Medical Waste Disposal

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PureWay Sharps Container Disposal System

Leak- and puncture-resistant containers to store and safely transport full OSHA approved sharps containers. Pre-paid UPS return shipping box for convenient return. Online tracking and documentation provided. Pre-filled manifest simplifies the return process.
From $108.95

Isolyser Red Bag Waste Disposal

Convenient mail-back service disposal of Red Bag Medical Waste and full sharps containers.
From $183.95

Isolyser - Medical Waste Disposal

If your office generates “Red Bag” medical waste or you have full sharps containers, replace your expensive waste pick-up company with WasteWise's Isolyser Red Bag and Sharps Container Disposal System. The Isolyser sharp containers disposal system includes everything you need to dispose of sharps and red bag medical waste: container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal. There’s nothing more to buy, no contract to sign, no separate invoice or hidden fees.

Order Isolyser Red-Bag and Sharp Container disposal and completely replace the expensive waste pick-up company, saving you time, money and hassles. You won't have to deal with a preset disposal schedule or paying full price to dispose of half-full containers. You could save hundreds a year off of your waste pick-up service!

Waste pick-up companies use antiqued systems, including large, inefficient trucks, and generate a tremendous amount of pollution to collect, transport, treat and dispose small amounts of regulated waste from your office. Your container creates an immense carbon footprint as it's transported hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles before it’s finally treated and ultimately disposed of at the same disposal site as your regular office trash.

Isolyser Red Bag is the most convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of red bag medical waste and full sharps containers. Each product includes: storage container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal. We offer two sizes; 5.3 gallon which will handle most practice’s needs and our 18 gallon for larger practices.

Traditional collection, treatment and disposal services cost about $280 per container. Isolyser sharp container disposal system saves you about $195 per container, that’s a 68% savings straight to your bottom line!

Choose Isolyser/SMSm to save money, avoid the hassles of dealing with costly waste pick-up services and reduce your Carbon Footprint. Simply fill the container with full sharps containers and/or red bags. When full, place the container inside the pre-paid postage box, complete waste manifest and give the box to your mailman. Your regulated medical waste is delivered to WasteWise's facility and where they take care of treatment and disposal.