Sterilization Indicator Strips & Tape

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Steam Integrator Strips - Class 5

FDA cleared as an equivalent in performance to a biological indicator. Provides a definitive pass or fail result allowing for the release of all non-implant loads. Use once per day, one per load, or one per pack for the highest level of sterility assurance while waiting for spore test results.
From $84.95

Steam Autoclave Indicator Tape - 1"

Know for sure when your packs have been exposed to full steam with a distinct color change from beige stripes to black. Premium adhesive ensures a strong seal
From $8.25

Sure-Check Indicator Strips

Class IV indicator indicates all conditions for sterilization have been achieved - time, temperature, presence of steam.
From $13.50

Chemical Vapor Indicator Strips

Each chemical vapor indicator strip changes color when it has been exposed to the sterilization process. Doesn't not ensure sterility.
From $29.50

Dry Heat Indicator Strips

The indicator ensures that heat has penetrated the packaging material and is actually reaching the instruments inside.
From $16.95

Class 4 Steam Indicator Strips

The indicator measures time, temperature and the presence of steam inside steam sterilizers. An internal indicator should be used within each pouch or package to be sterilized.