Sterilization Indicator Strips & Tape

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Autoclave Indicator Tape - 3/4"

Crosstex's Autoclave indicator tape seals autoclave bags, tubing, and CSR wraps. Indicates specific temperature has been attained by steam processes.
From $6.95

Steam Autoclave Indicator Tape - 1"

Know for sure when your packs have been exposed to full steam with a distinct color change from beige stripes to black. Premium adhesive ensures a strong seal
From $8.25

Sure-Check Indicator Strips

Class IV indicator indicates all conditions for sterilization have been achieved - time, temperature, presence of steam.
From $12.95

Chemical Vapor Indicator Strips

Each chemical vapor indicator strip changes color when it has been exposed to the sterilization process. Doesn't not ensure sterility.
From $29.50

Dry Heat Indicator Strips

The indicator ensures that heat has penetrated the packaging material and is actually reaching the instruments inside.
From $16.75

Class 4 Steam Indicator Strips

The indicator measures time, temperature and the presence of steam inside steam sterilizers. An internal indicator should be used within each pouch or package to be sterilized.

SteamPlus Class 5 Integrator

Use one per load to give users immediate notification of whether all critical parameters of steam sterilization have been met; eliminating the possible release of non-sterile items.
From $49.95