Sterilization Pouches

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NuPack Self-Sealing Pouches

For use in steam and EO Gas. An economical pouch with expensive features: three heat sealed rails, blue tinted film, corner seal tacks, external and internal process indicators.
From $5.75

SafeSeal Quattro Sterilization Pouches

Safe-Seal Quattro are multi-parameter self-sealing pouches with internal and external indicators that meet CDC guidelines for effective sterilization. Provides peace of mind, convenience and economy.
From $7.50

Sure-Check Sterilization Pouches

A Class 4 sterilization pouch with internal/external multi-variable indicators only change color when all 3 criteria for sterilization have been met!
From $11.95

PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches

PeelVue+ Pouches are the perfect choice for Chemiclave Sterilization Pouch needs. Features internal multiparameter indicators printed with lead-free ink. Available in 13 sizes. Also works with steam sterilizers.
From $15.50

Dry Heat Self-Sealing Pouches

Self-seal nylon pouches feature built-in adhesive tape which eliminates the need for a heat sealer or indicator tape. Nylon material is clear, strong and puncture resistant.
From $26.50

Self-Seal Pouches - Paper

Self-Sealing, gusseted for 50% more inner space. Color process indicators for steam, chemical vapor, and dry heat. Made in USA.
From $63.95

Choosing the Right Sterilization Pouch

Instrument sterilization, in particular the use of a self-sealing sterilization pouch, is one of the most important processes in the dental office. Is price important when choosing your sterilization pouches? Absolutely, but so is the quality, consistency, and specifications of the self seal sterilization pouches you use. By choosing quality medical-grade self-sealing pouches, you are not only protecting your patients, you are protecting your staff as well as your practice.

Not Every Sterilization Pouch is the Same
When it comes to sterilization products, many people base their purchasing decisions on price, the choices their dental supplier offers, or both. Almost everyone believes that all sterilization pouches are basically the same but, in reality, they are not. Many of the pouches offered for sale are not acceptable because they do not meet dental industry safety standards.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Self-Sealing Pouches
All the sterilizing products we offer meets ISO 11140 & 11607 standards so you know your instruments are sterile until ready to use. The quality, consistency, and specifications of these pouches all meet dental industry safety standards. Here are some of the pouches that we offer:

  • Safe-Seal Quattro Pouches
    An economical multi-parameter self-sealing pouch with internal and external indicators that meet CDC guidelines for effective sterilization


  • Sure-Check Self Seal Pouches
    Provides the highest sterility assurance with a built-in Class 4 multi-variable internal/external indicator. These pouches only change color when all 3 conditions of sterilization have been met; time, temperature and presence of steam.

Instrument sterilization is one of the most critical procedures in dental office and healthcare facilities. Sterilization Pouches not only protect your patients, it also protects your staff and the reputation of your practice. Browse all of our sterilization products to order yours today!