Sterilization Products

Sterilization Products

The Best Selection of Sterilization Products

Discount Disposables offers a wide range of sterilization products at excellent prices, giving dental and healthcare professionals the best options for their practice. Our online catalog includes a comprehensive line of products from world-class brands.

Maintaining a Safe Practice

Autoclave monitoring and proper sterilization of instruments are important aspects of in-office infection control management program. Without proper monitoring, sterilization of a healthcare facility or dental office may fail and cause a range of problems for the practice from procedural errors, breakdown of sterilizer, delays in operations, to substandard care. Due to these issues, dentists and medical professionals must regularly evaluate the efficiency of their sterilizers and procedures. This is when we step in to help.

We offer all the necessary products to assist with your disinfection assurance needs. If you're planning to go "green" or looking for environmentally friendly supplies, Discount Disposables has you covered.

Feel free to browse our catalog to view available products.

    • Sterilization Pouches
      We have economical Safe-Seal Multi-Parameter Pouches with external and internal indicators. If you're looking for the highest sterility assurance, the Sure-Check Sterilization Pouches are the best choice. These advanced pouches have Class 4 multi-variable external/internal indicators.


    • Sterilization Wrap
      Our sterilization wraps have a bacterial barrier to protect instruments from both waterborne and airborne contamination. The wraps offer exceptional tensile strength and liquid repellency. We also offer reusable and environmentally friendly wraps from Medline.


  • Biological Sterilization Monitoring
    When it comes to proper maintenance and monitoring of your sterilizer, our Confirm 10 In-Office Biological Monitoring System is the best option. These can provide results in just 10 hours-simply process the indicator at the end of the day and get results the following morning. We also provide EMS Economy Mail-In System for quick and easy sterilization. You can get results in 24 hours for steam sterilization and 72 hours for chemical sterilization.

Top Choices for High-Standard Sterilizing Products

To ensure clients get the best products for their needs, Discount Disposables has taken extra steps to research and select only the top sterilization and disinfection products. We offer supplies at fair prices without compromising their quality and value.

We stand behind every product to maintain a strong reputation-we do what it takes to put a smile on your face! At Discount Disposables, you can always count on the best.

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