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CrossZyme Enzyme Ultrasonic Cleaner

Enzymatic, neutral pH formula to be used as a presoak and ultrasonic cleaner. Contains rust inhibitors. Pleasant citrus scent.
From $33.95

EfferZyme Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets

Use as a presoak. ultrasonic cleaner, and evacuation system cleaner. Biodegradable, neutral pH,non-chlorine formulation contains fast acting protease enzymes. Pleasant spearmint scent.
From $50.95

General Purpose Non-Ammoniated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Environmentally friendly, 10:1 dilution concentrate, multi-purpose formula. Free rinsing, leaves instruments spotless.
From $23.50

Pro One SonicTab Ultrasonic Tablets

Biodegradable,non-ionic, non-corrosive dual-enzyme detergent ultrasonic cleaning solution at a fraction of the price of other brands!
From $47.95

Tartar and Stain Remover

Environmentally friendly, powerful ultrasonic acidic detergent removes calculus, tartar, tobacco, food stains and permanent cement from bridges, dentures and orthodontic appliances.
From $22.95

Sani Prozyme - Enzymatic Detergent

Designed to remove blood mucous, tissue and other proteins from delicate instruments. Not corrosive to instrument and low foaming. Designed for both manual and automated cleaning.
From $43.95

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

In order to properly sterilize a dental instrument, Infection Control standards state that the item needs to be properly cleaned beforehand. If potentially infectious materials aren't properly removed during cleaning it cause a major infection control concern for the patients and practice.

The first and most important step in instrument reprocessing is cleaning dirty instruments. Manual cleaning of interments will only remove visible matter. Which is why ultrasonic cleaning is a big part of ensuring the instruments are ready for proper sterilization. The ultrasonic solution will pull debris, particles and contaminants from the instruments and suspend them in the solution. Without this cleaning process, heat sterilization is not effective.

There are a many characteristics to consider when searching for an ultrasonic cleaning solution. With so many choices out on the market, which ultrasonic solution should you choose? We've done the research for you and have lined up a great selection of powerful and inexpensive ultrasonic tablets and solutions.

Instrument Cleaning Tips / Reminders

Regardless of which product you decide to use, there are simple steps you cant take to make sure your instrument cleaning routine is effective in preparing your items for sterilization.

    • Change your ultrasonic cleaner every day.
      Most dental office do BUT research show that at least 25% of practices change their cleaners less often.\


    • Don't turn cleaning into an afterthought.
      follow your ultrasonic machine and cleaners instruction thoroughly.


    • Give your instruments a visual check after cleaning.
      Once you take your instruments out of the ultrasonic cleaner, give them a visual examination to check for residual proteins.


    • You're cleaning not disinfecting.
      It is very important to note that the purpose of ultrasonic solutions is to clean, not disinfect. Using a disinfecting solution in the ultrasonic could damage instrument and the unit itself.


    • What about presoaking?
      Presoaking should also be done in ultrasonic sonic cleaning solution, not a disinfectant. Some high-level disinfectants like glutaraldehyde can actually make blood and other matter much harder to remove.


  • What about the environment?
    Many ultrasonic solutions still contain phosphates. Since phosphates can be very harmful to the water supply, look for product that are very low in phosphates or are phosphate-free.

Whatever type of ultrasonic cleaner you need, we've got you covered. Discount Disposables has taken great steps to provide the best quality products at a fair price. We've researched the market to deliver a comprehensive line-up from world-class brands.

Browse our all of the ultrasonic solutions and tablets we have available to find the one which suits your office best. Call us if you have any questions - we will be more than glad to recommend options for your specific needs.