X-Ray Processing Chemicals

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Patented formula converts hazardous, silver laden x-ray chemicals into a non-hazardous solid, safe for disposal with regular trash.
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Fixer Treatment System

EPA compliance that is affordable and easy. Safely recycles hazardous fixer by removing silver out of spent fixer. Use with manual or automatic processors. Unit fits on or below countertop.


Mail-in recycling. Stores 7 lbs of lead x-ray film backing. Includes shipping carton and prepaid UPS shipping label. ADA compliant and meets their Best Management Practices.
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X-Ray Processing Chemicals - Disposal and Recycling

Analog x-ray machines used in the majority of dental offices produce different types of hazardous waste that must be properly disposed of. Dental practices need to be able to properly dispose of these types of waste in order to protect the environment, their practice and their patients.

  • X-Ray Fixer

    Analog x-ray machines use fixer which has a high-silver content. The EPA regulations define hazardous amounts of silver as greater than 5mg/l. Used fixer typically contains 3,000 to 8,000mg/l of silver. Due to its high silver lever, used fixer cannot be poured down the drain or disposed of as common solid waste.

    We have a couple of different options that you can use to properly dispose of used x-ray fixer:

      • Chemgon - X-Ray Fixer and Developer

        Chemgon replaces the need for expensive waste pick-up companies. It converts hazardous photo processing chemicals (fixer and developer) into non-hazardous solid waste. Once processed the product is safe to dispose of in your regular trash can.

    • Fixer Treatment System - X-Ray Fixer

      The Fixer Treatment System provides year-long compliance. The fixer chemical is introduced into the unit and a chemical exchange occurs. The silver collects inside from the chemical liquid, after which the liquid can safely go down the drain. Pricing includes year-long compliance and the pre-paid return packaging for recycling of the silver.
  • Lead Foil

    X-ray fixer isn't the only hazardous waste that is produced by analog x-ray machines. Federal regulations prohibit the disposal of lead in the trash. Lead in dental offices can be found in lead backings, aprons and in some boxes that are used to store x-ray film. Federal regulations do allow for lead foil to be recycled at licensed facilities.

    When you purchase Foilgon it provides you with everything you need to stay compliant. Simply collect, ship and recycle lead foil from x-ray film.

Dentists regularly produce a wide variety of hazardous waste that needs to be disposed-of or recycled properly in order to keep up with proper infection control standards. If you'd like to learn more about proper dental waste management and disposal call us at 800-366-0973 or email