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Silver Dri-Aids

Thin, absorbent, protective wafers improve access and visibility to working fields. They hold their shape and absorb more than cotton rolls. The laminated side prevents soak-through and reflects light for improved visibility.

Surg-O-Vac Surgical Evacuators

Autoclavable plastic surgical evacuators with optimal 30 degree angle tip that fits all high volume evacuation systems. Thick walled design provides excellent cheek retraction.
From $33.95

Young Classic Prophy Angles - Elite LF Soft Web

Designed to flex and flare around the contours of the tooth for efficient polishing. External ridges offer advanced stain removal and minimal splatter.
From $190.95

Young Vera Prophy Angles - Elite Soft Web

Compact prophy head and slim neck design is designed to reach all areas of the mouth with ease. Smooth, round head for patient comfort.
From $123.95