Dental Water Compliance is Made Easy and Cost-Effective

How DentaPure Began

DentaPure literally uses rocket science developed for NASA to provide clean dental unit waterlines. The technology developed for NASA was used to ensure water consumed in space is free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms. In 1992, the troops in Desert Storm used the iodinated resin technology to purify water in Iraq. Barry Hammarback, the DentaPure CEO, and his partners realized that the technology could be adapted for use in purifying water in a dental setting thus DentaPure was created.


The Technology

As water passes through the DentaPure cartridge the atomic isotopes from the iodinated resin beads are released into the water stream. The iodine combats any bacteria in the water, killing it on contact. This simple system is FDA and EPA cleared to provide water under 200 CFU/mL with absolutely no testing requirement. It was designed to provide water under 1 CFU/mL to the astronauts in the space shuttle! With no protein attached to the iodine, it poses no risk for allergies and any "unused" iodine evaporates into the air. A complete system-DentaPure is easily installed into your waterlines and provides pure water an entire year. 

The ADA recently evaluated DentaPure 365 and found that it effectively filtered 240L of water and maintained less than 10 CFU/mL throughout the evaluation. Additionally, the iodine level, as measured with iodine test strips, was greater than 1.5 ppm throughout the evaluation, providing adequate disinfecting power. 

Treating Dental Unit Waterlines with DentaPure

The DentaPure Waterline Cleaner is a complete waterline cleaning system that installs into the unit's independent water supply bottle or directly onto the chair's municipal system. It provides pure water for an entire year. 

Benefits of DentaPure:

  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Is FDA Cleared and EPA Registered Antimicrobial
  • Has No Hazardous Silver
  • Has No Hidden Labor Costs
  • Is Compliant for an Entire Year
  • Requires no tablets, shocking, monitoring or distilled water


The Cost of Clean Dental Waterlines

Compare the costs involved in using DentaPure filters vs a Tablet protocol.

Annual Cost of Compliance 
Tablet vs. DentaPure
Tablet Protocol DentaPure
Total Cost $751.96 $209.95
Money Spent on Cartridge None $209.95
Money Spent on Tablets $135.20 None
Money Spent on Monthly Shocking $40.80 None
Money Spent on Monitoring $455.96 None
Est. Money Spent on Shipping Test Kits $120.00 $0

Where to Buy

When it comes to DentaPure or other infection control products, Discount Disposables is the name to trust. We have an extensive online catalog of disposable and infection control products to ensure the safety and compliance of your practice.

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