We Deliver Happiness to Healthcare Professionals

Discount Disposables is a medical and dental supply company that has been specializing in infection control and disposable products since 1989. Your happiness is our goal. We know our customers are happiest when they get friendly, knowledgeable customer service and accurate, careful shipping of their orders for a fast delivery.

Everyone at Discount Disposables works hard to achieve our goal of ensuring your happiness. We do what it takes to put a smile on your face – whether it's sending samples of our products so you can try them before purchasing them, advising your product choices, our flexible return policy, and so much more.

Our Beginnings

Discount Disposables began in a garage in 1989. With the onset of the AIDS scare, we saw a gap in the infection-control market. At the time there were only a couple large companies with little selection and high prices. By researching the various manufacturers, we have been able to put together a full line of infection control and disposable products to meet everyone's needs and fulfill OSHA's recommendations.

We've grown since our humble beginnings. We've been at our current location since 2000 in the charming town of Hamilton City on the Sacramento River. This location serves us well as we are just minutes from Hwy 5, a major highway in California. This convenient location allows us to get truckloads of product in quickly so we can get them to you when you need them.

Our Strengths and Value to You

As a reliable medical and dental supply company, we offer a wide range of high quality infection control and disposable products at very competitive prices, so you know that the products you are purchasing from Discount Disposables will work the way they are supposed to while saving you money.

Our biggest strength and value to our customers is our flexibility to work one-on-one with each office. We are in the business of providing exceptional service to our customers and because of this,we still have many of our customers from when we began in 1989.

Relationships and friendships are built. Needs are learned and met.

If you are already one of our happy customers we want to say, "Thank you for the opportunity to serve you". If you are thinking about working with Discount Disposables, we encourage you to give us a try. We look forward to becoming one of your most valued suppliers.


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