Importance of Dirt-Free Dental Clinics

Almost everyone feared visiting the dentist during their childhood. It is one of the most common phobias experienced by children (and sometimes even adults) across the globe. According to the experts, the noise created by the drills and metal instruments add to the fear of severe pain of treatment as the main reason behind such anxieties.

Dentists have found various methods to eliminate these fears. There is, however, another reason people refuse to visit their dentist – issues with sanitation. Research shows that majority of patients do not go back to their dentists because of experiences involving poor clinic conditions.

Keeping your workplace neat and clean sets the tone for a friendlier dental experience and avoids the accumulation of dirt and other sanitary issues. Wearing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves is not enough to prevent bacteria growth. You have to keep your clinic dust- and dirt-free, too.

    • Restructured Sanitation Procedure

      In sanitizing your tools and equipment, see to it that your procedures are in line with the current OSHA and CDC guidelines. Outdated sterilization procedures can harm patients; ensure their utmost safety by dusting off your shelves, tables, and chairs regularly. Make it a habit to keep all things clean, not just the instruments and equipment used.

    • Efficient Surface Disinfectants

      Touching things and surfaces while in the middle of an operation is inevitable. Unintentional as it may be, it can cause the transfer of bacteria. You can avoid cross contamination by cleaning all surfaces with disinfectants. Wipe off microorganisms, especially in the operating chair and desks. Do not leave any stones unturned and clean even the darkest crevices.
    • Organized Clinical Materials

      Part of keeping your clinic clean is avoiding clutter, especially in the front desk. Place the magazines in a rack or beneath the table; put all charts and documents inside a drawer; and properly dispose of used gloves, masks, and other dental products. Being tidy gives off a professional feel and also reduces the chance of dust and bacteria build-up.


Cleanliness and hygiene is essential in dental clinics. Here at Discount Disposables, we provide surface disinfectant cleaners and other decontaminant products. Contact us now to boost the infection control practices for your dental instruments and clinic.