Infection Control 101: Disinfecting Surfaces in Dental Environment

Dental practitioners have a responsibility to know and comply with dental surface infection control regulations to protect the clinic and its patients. There are many factors that affect the level of contamination that happens during various dental procedures. It may come from contact with contaminated gloved hands or just a simple splatter of saliva or blood.

Cross-contamination can happen from person to person, from person to dental instrument or from surface to person. This is why it's important to comply not just with sterilization guidelines, but also with surface disinfection standards.

As you practice surface infection control, focus on these two categories of dental environmental surfaces: clinical and housekeeping.

Clinical Contact Surfaces

These are surfaces prone to contamination through either direct spray from a patient's mouth, equipment used during a procedure, or contact with gloved hands. Clinical contact surfaces include dental handpieces, reusable containers of dental materials, light handles or switches, countertops, chairside computer parts, telephone handles, among others. 

We support the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP)'s recommendation to use barriers in protecting these surfaces from contamination during dental procedures. However, proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques should also be employed between patients.

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Housekeeping Contact Surfaces

Although the operatory room has the greatest potential for contamination, you must not overlook housekeeping surfaces like walls, doors and sinks. These surfaces must be regularly cleaned with detergent and water. 

If you think these housekeeping surfaces were exposed to blood or saliva, use Environmental Protection Agency registered high level disinfectants. Make sure to clean, rinse thoroughly and dry mops and cloths as well.

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