A dentist with PPE protective workwear for dental infection control holding digital tablet in dentist's office

Every dental office aims at minimizing cross-infection risks to promote quality care for their patients, protect them and protect the dental team. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a standard precaution for preventing and controlling infections. It would help if you used PPE besides other measures, like proper ventilation, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, proper waste handling, and other working practices.

What Is PPE?

 PPE refers to the protective equipment a dental practitioner uses during procedures. It covers equipment and clothing for the whole body, such as:

  • Respirators and masks for the face: Regular single-use masks are a simple barrier to splatter, but they do not protect you from inhaling all aerosols. Respirators filter the air you inhale and remove microbes.
  • The eyes require visors and goggles: Wear them when cleaning equipment and during treatments. Avoid regular glasses, as they do not have side protection. You can also provide your patients with eye protection before treatment or examination.
  • For your hands, use sterile gloves for single use: Wear them before you start treatment and remove them upon completion. Ensure you remove them aseptically so that you do not touch the outer side of the glove with bare skin. Use heavy-duty gloves for cleaning dental equipment and sterile gloves for invasive surgery.
  • Use gowns and aprons to cover your body: Wear single-use isolation gowns over your dental uniform to create a barrier against fluids.

Male dentist working and wearing PPE for dental infection control.

Importance of PPE 

PPE protects the dentist or dental nurse and patients from exposure to infectious fluids. In addition, it protects the clinic's reputation by reducing the possibility of being a bacteria transmission point.

Putting on and Removing PPE

The order in which you put on PPE and remove PPE  plays a significant role in infection control. According to NHS England, here is the recommended order:

  • Putting on: uniform, apron, mask, visor/goggles, and then gloves.
  • Removing: gloves, apron, visor/goggles, mask, then uniform.

Also, ensure you limit touching surfaces, keep your hands away from your face throughout the process, change gloves when they get contaminated, torn, and between patients, and wash your hands after removing gloves.

Dispose of single-use items as hazardous clinical waste and manage it in accordance with the practice waste management policy.

For your personal care, have your hair tied back securely, avoid using false nails, cover or remove piercings, wear stud earrings only, and cover tattoos. These measures ensure your protection against infectious materials clinging to you.

Choose a uniform that has short sleeves for convenience of use and change it daily. Wash your uniforms at the proper temperature to discourage cross-contamination. Also, ensure you do not wear surgery shoes and uniforms outside the surgery room.

Personal Protective Equipment for Dentists

According to CDC and OSHA regulations, dentists should provide PPE to their employees at no additional cost. This is because there is a considerable risk of employees being exposed to infectious materials in dental offices. In addition, dental instruments and tools create a visible fluid spray that may land on items nearby, including the employees and patients. Such procedures reiterate the need for wearing PPE in the workplace. At Discount Disposables, we carry a plethora of protective equipment for all your office needs.

Protective Clothing

Disposable gowns, lab jackets, and coats are ideal for preventing the spread of infections. Although they offer similar protection to reusable protective clothing, they have the added benefit of not requiring washing. Always ensure the sleeves of the protective clothing cover the entire arm.

  • Isolation Gowns
    Discount Disposables offers fluid-resistant isolation gowns with knit and elastic cuffs that provide a protective three-layered fabric for low and moderate exposure. 
  • Disposable Lab Coats
    Our disposable lab coats are high quality with different styles, materials, and lengths to suit your taste and preference. They add a touch of professionalism without compromising functionality. 
  • Head and Shoe Covers
    Bacteria can sometimes cling to your hair or shoes. We offer surgeon and bouffant caps for your head and water and skid-resistant shoe covers. 
  • Isolation Gowns - Knit Cuffs 
    These gowns are made of polypropylene, which is super breathable and coated with a water-resistant agent to enhance protection. Their waist ties tie at the front for easy use, and they have latex-free knit cuffs for extra comfort.
    They are available in unisize and XL sizes and different colors.

Earloop Face Masks 

Dental instruments and lab equipment make the treatment room perfect for the breeding of microorganisms. In addition, the spatter and droplets created in this room can spread potentially infectious materials, which is why you should wear a fluid-resistant face mask.

 At Discount Disposables, we have researched different masks to give you a comprehensive guide of which mask to use for different procedures. We have masks for minimum protection that are a barrier during exams and quick procedures that do not create spray or fluids. Or masks that have been classified into three levels as recommended by ASTM International, based on the amount of spray, aerosol, or fluid produced. Always consider the contamination level expected before choosing a mask.

Exam Gloves

We provide different gloves for the different preferences of your employees and have a wide variety of exam gloves, like latex gloves perfect for your low budget and premium gloves available in non-fitted and fitted options.

We also carry a wide variety of nitrile gloves ideal for those with allergies. They are inexpensive but have expensive features like extra softness and comfort and textured fingers to enhance grip. In addition, they offer maximum protection from chemicals and defects.

We also have non-latex and latex fitted gloves for dentists looking for the perfect fit and greater comfort. Fitted gloves minimize stress on hands and are available in various categories to cater to your needs.

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