Proper Sterilization of Cassettes using CSR Sterilization Wrap

Proper Sterilization of Cassettes using Sterilization Wrap

Instrument processing in the dental office requires many steps. There is confusion about what is required for instrument packaging and processing of cassettes. It's really not that hard once you have policies and procedures in place, and the sterilization products on hand.

Sterilizing instruments in cassettes has become a very popular in recent years. Cassettes keep all dental instruments for a specific procedure together from the chairside procedure through cleaning, rinsing, drying and sterilization. A cassette system can reduce direct handling of potentially contaminated instruments before sterilization, and instruments prearranged in the cassette will require less handling following sterilization.

There are different kinds of cassettes available. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning, wrapping, and sterilizing the cassettes. Only use approved wrap for sterilizing your cassettes. Cutting costs by using drapes or other non-approved materials compromises sterility and is a liability to your patients, your staff, and your practice.

Following the CDC Guidelines, every wrapped cassette should be monitored with internal and external chemical indicators to allow early detection of certain equipment malfunctions, and they can help identify procedural errors.

  • External Process Indicator - Use Process Indicator Tape to effectively seal the CSR wrap. Process indicator tape changes color when a specific temperature has been achieved during the sterilization cycle to indicate processed from unprocessed packs.

  • Internal Process Indicator - Include a Chemical Indicator inside each instrument pack to ensure the sterilizing agent has penetrated the packaging material and actually reached the instruments inside. 

    When choosing a chemical indicator, a Class 4 Indicator is best unless you include a Class 5 Intergrator (see below). A class 4 indicator indicates 2 or more conditions for sterilization have been achieved - time, temperature, and the presence of steam. If the strip does not change to the proper color, the instruments should not be released for use.

  • Internal Process Integrator - Include a Class 5 Integrator at least once a day, or with every load will provide you with the highest level of sterility assurance available. Integrators are designed to react to all critical parameters of the sterilization cycle providing a definitive pass or fail result - allowing for the release of processed items, excluding implants.

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