Disposable Dental Supplies

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Acutips Air/Water Syringe Tips

Economical disposable air/water syringe tips. Separate a/w channels ensure dry air. Rounded end for patient comfort. Interchangeable with most metal tips; no conversion is necessary.
From $31.95

BeeSure "Green" Air/Water Syringe Tips

Air/water syringe tips made of 30% recycled plastic! Economically designed without separate water core.
From $16.75

Denture Boxes

High impact plastic denture boxes have a solid locking mechanism and contoured corners for ease of cleaning.
From $9.25

Excellent Impression Trays

Multiple perforations and side wall slots to guarantee material retention.
From $4.25

Safe-Tips Style Syringe Tips

Metal core provides extra rigidity for cheek retraction. Rounded ends and locking retention groove for patient comfort and safety. Dry air every time. No adapter needed.
From $29.95

Sani-Tip Style Air/Water Syringe Tips

Plasdent's Sani-tip Style a/w syringe tips are easy to use, saves time and money. Produces dry air under optimal pressure. Interlocking assembly securely retains tip.
From $46.95

Seal-Tight Style Air/Water Syringe Tips

Disposable syringe tip with built-in rubber O-ring seal makes syringe work like new every time. Dry air on demand. Reduce risk of restoration failures due to moisture. Compare to Kerr's Seal-Tight Syringe tips.
From $33.95

Disposable Mirrors

Comfortable handle strong enough to retract cheek. #4 size, second surface mirror. Protective mirror covering comes off easily and in one piece.
From $114.95

Disposable Nasal Hoods

Provide your patients with reliable and comfortable nitrous oxide delivery while minimizing the potential for cross-contamination. Latex-Free
From $103.95

Starryshine Disposable Bib Holders

Compare to Dux Bib-Eze. Disposable bib holders eliminates the need to sterilize. The self-adhesive ends secure to any bib and removal is as easy as tearing a piece of paper.
From $11.50

Sparkle Air Water Syringe Tips

Sparkle disposable tips are: simple to connect and lock securely; ensure distinct air/water separation; and are constructed with patient comfort and instrument longevity in mind.
From $46.95

Disposable Dental Supplies Protect You and Your Practice

If you are looking for disposable dental supplies online, then you have come to the right place. Discount Disposables specializes in disposable dental supply and infection control products to meet the needs of dentists and other healthcare professionals all over the United States.

The CDC recommends the sterilization and disinfection of medical and dental instruments to ensure that they will not become the means by which infectious diseases are transmitted. Discount Disposables offers an acceptable alternative to sterilization and disinfection with disposable dental supplies.

Our Dental Disposables Help Save You Time!
When you purchase disposable dental supplies, you can simply throw things away when you’re done with them. The time you would have to spend sterilizing your instruments is time that you can spend with your patients instead.

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Discount Disposables saves your practice the time and money it takes to research products, by narrowing the selection with only the highest quality dental disposables and offering them to you at discounted prices.

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When you compare our prices with those of the large disposable dental supply distributors, with their overwhelming selections, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings and ease of ordering. Moreover, we have always made customer satisfaction, through great service and premium products, our driving force. Getting the orders shipped correctly and on time by using reliable shipping partners is of utmost importance in what we do.

Check out our disposable dental supply category to see all of our products, review pricing, place an order or request samples.

Using Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips versus Reusable Metal Tips.

In our ongoing quest of offering our customers the most cost-effective, efficient products that also meet or exceed the highest standards of infection control we've tackled the issue of disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips vs Reusable Metal tips. We've analyzed both sides of the issue and are confident that the choice we've made to carry only disposables air/water syringe tips is the correct one.

The Problems of Reusable Metal Tips

Infection controls standards state that when sterilizing a dental instrument, such as metal air/water syringe tips, it needs to be properly cleaned beforehand. Seeing as how the a/w syringe tip can become contaminated with bioburden or debris, its is important that metal a/w syringe tips be cleaned before sterilization. 

However, studies have show that even after repeated flushing, ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization the accumulation of internal bioburden in the lumens can compromise the sterilization process. If the potentially infectious material isn't properly removed it causes a major infection control concern for the patients and practice.

Due to the time consuming proper cleaning and inefficient sterilization, many practices have made the switch to disposable air/water syringe tips.

Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips

The CDC states that disposable AWS tips are "commonly available in a disposable form". This is due to the fact they're easier to use, more sanitary and help keep up with infection control guidelines. 

When making the switch to a disposable a/w syringe tip there are a few things to consider:

  1. Disposable air/water syringe tips should be disposed of properly after each use.
  2. Some disposable AWS tips require proprietary adapters depending on the dental handpiece being used.
  3. When comparing the costs of disposable vs. metal tips, it's important to consider the cost of the time being spent cleaning and sterilizing the reusable tips.

The concerns of additional cost must always be weighed against the convenience and infection control benefits of disposable air/water syringe tips.

Check out our line of disposable air/water syringe tips online or give us a call for more information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.