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Chemical Vapor Indicator Strips

Each chemical vapor indicator strip changes color when it has been exposed to the sterilization process. Doesn't not ensure sterility.
From $29.50

Dry Heat Indicator Strips

The indicator ensures that heat has penetrated the packaging material and is actually reaching the instruments inside.
From $16.95

Dry Heat Self-Sealing Pouches

Self-seal nylon pouches feature built-in adhesive tape which eliminates the need for a heat sealer or indicator tape. Nylon material is clear, strong and puncture resistant.
From $26.50

EMS Sterilizer Monitoring Service

Test results are documented after 24 hours incubation for Steam users, 72 hours for Chemical Vapor users and 7 days for Dry Heat users. Test reports are sent on a quarterly basis, though access to spore test results are available any time online.
From $92.95