Sterilization Wrap

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KC100 ONE-STEP Sterilization Wrap

Two layers of wrap are thermally sealed along the sides. Delivers the protection of double-wrapping in a single step. Fast, easy way to ensure instrument sterility is uncompromised.
From $120.95

CSR Sterilization Wrap

Crosstex's Sterilization Wrap has the highest bacterial filtration efficiency available. Highly permeable - no wet packs. Outstanding liquid repellancy, exceptional strength - wet or dry.
From $90.95

Kimguard KC100 Sterilization Wrap

KC100 wrap is made of strong, reliable SMS non-woven fabric, keeps your sterilized instruments sterile and ready to use.
From $54.95

Kimguard One-Step KC200 Sterilization Wrap

Made with two sheets of patented SMS sterilization fabric bonded together along the edges. It delivers the protection of double wrapping in a single step.
From $122.95