A Breakthrough in Biological Monitoring... Final Results in Just 10 Hours!

The gold standard of sterility assurance is to conduct at least weekly biological monitoring of your sterilizer following CDC recommendations. According to the CDC, biological testing of biological monitoring equipment is recommended to be conducted at least weekly. Special consideration should be given for more frequent testing if the sterilizer is used multiple times per day. 

Now you can have the confidence your instruments are sterile and meet daily biological monitoring guidelines for steam sterilizers in only 10 hours with ConFirm 10 In-Office Biological Monitoring System


It's Easy to Use

Simply process indicator in a normal sterilizer cycle at the end of the day. Activate the indicator, place it in the incubator, then see and record the results the next morning.


Easy to Read Results

If any bacterial spores survive the process, the indicator media will turn yellow



Everything you need for effective biological monitoring of steam sterilizers, including incubators, record keeper book and manual.

No more waiting up to a week or more to find out if your sterilizer is working or not. The confidence you need in 10 hours for about the same price as mail-in systems! 


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