Failure to Sterilize Equipment Can Result in Dental Malpractice!

In December of 2011, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts upheld the suspension of a dentist who failed to sterilize his instruments properly. The dentist failed to conduct and record weekly spore testing, in addition to other complaints of violations of OSHA standards.

While the vast majority of dentists never intend to cause harm, the truth is that dental malpractice accusations are very common. Because the lines of dentistry are not as clear as in other forms of medicine, there are many acceptable ways to approach the same dental problem. 

The most common forms of dental malpractice and negligence include:

1. Failure to detect oral diseases

2. Use of defective dental products

3. Injury to bone structure or tissue

4. Improper use of surgical utensils

5. Unnecessary procedures

Of course, all of these problems stem from – or are made worse by – using improperly sterilized instruments. Being diligent about ensuring that your office is stocked with high-quality infection control products is critical to minimizing your risk.

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