Amalgam Recycling Helps Prevent Water Pollution

Dental offices do their best in treating their patients, and making sure their oral problems get better or completely cured after treatment. However some treatments involve the use of materials that, while greatly aid in recovery, can lead to environmental problems if not disposed of correctly. The improper disposal of amalgam, for example, has a profound effect on the environment.


Mercury from Dental Offices

Dental amalgam is the silver-colored filling used to restore and fill a tooth that has a cavity. This material has liquid mercury, and a powder that contains zinc, copper, silver, tin and other metals. These materials are dangerous to the environment once they reach a certain amount. Mercury is not only poisonous to people, but to animals, as well; it also causes negative effects on the soil and ground water where it pools.


Dental amalgam contains trace amounts of mercury, but once it accumulates it becomes a hazard. When sent to a landfill, for example, the mercury may contaminate the air or groundwater, and when incinerated, it pollutes the air. Mercury-contaminated sludge may also end up as agricultural fertilizer. These deposits can evaporate into the air, condense into clouds, and fall onto bodies of water and vegetation.


Prevent Water Contamination with Amalgam Recycling from Discount Disposables

An EPA study revealed that approximately 50% of mercury found in public waste water systems came from dental offices. If your office improperly disposes of amalgam, you are contributing to the contamination of water systems and could potentially be in violation of Federal, State or Local regulations. Proper disposal is not just about flushing or dumping in the trash; there is a specific way to dispose of amalgam waste.


At Discount Disposables we encourage our customers to not only take care of their patients, but also the environment. Which is why we offer a couple of options for amalgam recycling that are effective and eco-friendly ways of disposing this type of dental waste.



    One option is using Amalgon; an amalgam recycling and disposal kit that helps customers recycle amalgam from teeth, capsules, vacuum filters, chair-side traps, screens and scrap amalgam. Everything you need to properly manage amalgam & amalgam contaminated items.



    The Solmetex Hg5 Amalgam Separator is another way you can properly dispose of dental waste containing amalgam. These do not require tools, regular maintenance, pumps or electricity. Recycling Kit includes: collection container, box for shipping, pre-paid shipping label, recycling documentation.


Contact us for more information about the products we offer that help you dispose of amalgam safely and properly.