It’s 99.9999% deadly...Just not to you!

Finally an exceptionally potent hard surface cleaner and disinfectant that is fast acting, easy to use and incredibly safe for you and your patients; so much so, that its formulation doesn’t even require any precautionary warning labels per the EPA. 

Optim 33TB’s unique AHP – Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide formulation is non-irritating, biodegradable, non-flammable, fragrance free and has no noxious fumes.  Optim 33TB is the perfect balance between safety and efficacy.

 Check out the table below which compares the contact times of some of the leading surface disinfectants.



With Hundreds of Choices Available, Which One Should YOU Choose?

A common question that we’ve been receiving lately is “How should we disinfect surfaces that have been touched or contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials?”  The CDC states, “A chemical germicide registered with the EPA as a ‘hospital disinfectant’ and labeled for tuberculocidal activity is recommended for disinfecting surfaces that have been soiled with patient material.”  You may want to check your disinfectant and be sure it has the TB kill claim as some of the popular cleaners on the market don’t.

Keeping Clean while Being "Green"!

Environmentally conscious dental professionals can purchase Optim 33TB, Optim 33TB Wipes and other green dental supply products that we offer by ordering through on our on-line store or by giving us a call. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always available to answer questions and make recommendations by phone or on-line chat.

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