Having Problems with the Suction in Your Lines?

Bio-Pure is here to help! 

Bio-Pure is guaranteed to restore vacuum line suction & eliminate daily trap cleaning. Its proprietary microbial formula is 100% all natural and safe to use. Bio-pure will help save you time and money. You won’t have to clean your traps daily by hand. Instead, let Bio-Pure do the work for you.


Finally a “Green” Evacuation System Cleaner!

There is a clear need for a safe and effective way to reduce and eliminate clogged up waste from within your evacuation system. Almost all of the evacuation system cleaners currently available are not environmentally safe to use.  Plus the harsh chemicals can be harmful to you and your evacuation system.


Bio-Pure’s proprietary blend of all natural biocultures and enzymes have been selected for their ability to effectively digest and degrade extremely heavy concentrations of organic mass within a drainage system, reducing those hostile factors that have been clogging up your system. Its non-foaming formula allows it to not only clean while its being applied but also clean between uses! Other evacuation system cleaners just can’t compete!


Using an Amalgam Separator?

Did you know that evacuation cleaners with a PH greater than 10 or less than 4 are not recommended for use with amalgam separators?   That accounts to almost HALF of the popular evacuation cleaners out there.  According to the American Dental Association (ADA) and regulators requiring Amalgam Separators, oxidizing line cleaners should not be used. Oxidizing cleaners can breakdown amalgam particles. Cleaners containing bleach (chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite) should never be used as chlorine is known to cause mercury to be released from amalgam.  Additionally, acidic (low pH) line cleaners have been known to hinder the operation of Amalgam Separators. Basic (high pH) cleaners can cause premature wear on materials used in amalgam separators.


A Great Product at a Great Price

Enzyme only products do half the job. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean after applied, enzymes just can't do that. This is proven the first week Bio-Pure is used as the traps will be packed with released particulates from the vacuum lines.


For only $1.45 a week, this all-natural product can extend the life of your evacuation system, meaning lower maintenance costs, and still leave you with the satisfied feeling of knowing you’re protecting yourself, your patients and the environment.


For more information or to order please visit us at www.infectioncontrolproducts.com or call us at 800-366-0973!