Bio-Pure Evacuation System Restore can save your practice money!
How can you maintain a clean and healthy evacuation system that functions at peak performance?

Although each dental practice has its own routine of daily line cleaning, trap hand cleaning and scheduled evacuation system maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the suction lines system has traditionally been done using non foaming chemical cleaners.

These type of traditional chemical cleaners leave behind traces of organic waste (biofilm) as they flush the lines. This biofilm builds up and progressively blocks the evacuation system. Like a heart attack, these progressive blockages give little warning of the suction failure they incubate.

Unlike chemically based products which "flush" your waste away, Bio-Pure brings new ways (bio science and micro biology) to solving an old problem: Bio-Pure "soaks" a system with natural microbes that literally eat (eliminate) the waste away. Flushing with traditional chemical cleaners does not eliminate waste, it merely relocates the waste. Soaking with Bio-Pure actually eliminates organic waste.
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Eliminating waste in the evacuation system impacts practice operations in a number of ways. The weekly Bio-Pure product cost to “soak” one operatory is $1.77, versus the average product cost to “flush” one operatory, which is $2.79. Also, Bio-Pure's neutral pH actually helps amalgam separators function at peak performance and the microbial formulation reduces the frequency of changing traps and amalgam separator cartridges by eliminating organic waste.

Still skeptical that a product as unique as Bio-Pure can be so effective? Below is a short video of what makes Bio-Pure so efficient.
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