Disinfectant Wipes – Cost Effective and Efficient
Ever since the CDC changed its surface cleaning and disinfection guidelines, removing the spray-wipe-spray technique to include “clean and disinfect”, many dental teams have stopped spraying disinfectants altogether and switched to using Disinfectant Wipes. These wipes are convenient to use, can cover a relatively large surface area, and are tested for effectiveness.

Cleaning and disinfecting with disinfecting wipes is accomplished by wiping the surface with a pre-saturated disinfection wipe to clean, then applying the disinfectant again, after cleaning, with another wipe saturated with the same product to disinfect.

A few things to keep in mind when using disinfection wipes are: 
  • The most common error in dental practices is that the surfaces do not stay wet for the required amount of time.
  • Another common error is that the cover for the container is left open when not in use allowing the wipes to dry up.
  • When the wipes have been used up, you might be inclined to pour the remaining solution into another container. However, doing so can affect the efficacy of the solution by draining the concentration levels.
  • Be careful where the disinfecting wipes are placed in the office. In some cases, parents equate the disinfectant wipes with baby wipes and can be harmful to the skin.
In order to achieve optimal effectiveness in cleaning and disinfection, it’s imperative that the instructions for each disinfecting wipe are followed. The effectiveness of the wipes is reduced by improper use.

When selecting the disinfecting wipe for your practice it’s important to remember a few things: 
  1. Intermediate-level disinfectants must have a label claim that it is a hospital-level tuberculocidal.
  2. Disinfectants can contain hazardous chemicals with specific health and physical hazards and must be registered with the EPA and made to manufacturer’s specifications.
  3. Contact time, and of course…
  4. Cost!
Discount Disposables has taken the time to research the market to provide you with the highest quality products at the best prices! Whatever your disinfectant wipe needs may be - we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some of the options we have to offer: 
    • The Safest Option
      Optim 33 TB Wipes
      Optim 33 TB Wipes kill TB in 5 minutes and have no health warnings! Safe for the user, non-toxic, fast, and effective. Optim 33 TB is fast acting, ready to use and biodegradable.
    • The Fastest Options
      CaviWipes1 and Super Sani-Cloth
      With CaviWipes1 and Super Sani-Cloth surface disinfectant wipes you can wipe out TB and over 20 other microorganisms in just 1 minute! CaviWipes1 and Super Sani-Cloth will effectively clean and disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces in the medical and dental clinical working environment.
    • The Most Effective Option
      Sani-Cloth AF3 Germicidal Wipes
      The first alcohol free, quat based disinfectant wipe with a 3 minute TB kill time. Perfect for equipment and other hard non-porous surfaces sensitive to alcohol. Fragrance, alcohol, bleach, acid, phenol, acetone, and ammonia free.

Check out these hard surface disinfectant wipes online or give us a call for more information. We would like to learn about your specific needs and discuss the various options.