Aldex Aldehyde Neutralizer - Trash Disposal

WasteWiseSKU: 09-AMS1010

Size: Trash - Treats 2.5 Gallons
Sale price$105.95


ALDEX Aldehyde Disposal products neutralize and crosslink 10% formalin or up to 4% glutaraldehyde and convert it into a non-toxic, non-hazardous end-product that can be safely disposed of ‘down the drain’ with our liquid product, or placed in your regular trash with our crystalline powder product.

ALDEX also reduces exposure to potentially hazardous vapor emanating from most aldehydes.

For Trash Disposal = Simply pour your Aldehyde solution into this 2.5 gallon container. The powder neutralizes and solidifies the liquid. When it's full, put into the trash.

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