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Guaranteed to Improve Suction Performance! Bio-Pure is a microbial evacuation system cleaner that continues cleaning between uses 24/7. It is amalgam separator compliant, non-foaming, 100% natural, and eliminates the need to clean traps daily.

Bio-Pure Evac Maintainance Cleaner is the #1 Evacuation System Cleaner on the Market. Bio-Pure is a "soak", not a "flush" like other products. Bio-Pure breaks down the vacuum line build-up (enzyme activity), and the specialized bacteria actually digests the remaining organic waste.

Bio-Pure saves you money! A 32 oz bottle provides 128 treatments.

Bio-Pure saves you time! The microbes stay in the lines and continue to work between cleanings.

The majority of dental offices should use Bio-Pure 2x per week, or daily if preferred.  You can also use the Between Patient Flush formula after bloody procedures as needed (optional).

Specialty Offices

Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists, and Implantologist (etc) on the other hand should use the Between Patient Flush formula daily in every operatory. If Between Patient Flush is used at least once per day between patients, it eliminates the need for end of day cleaning.



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