Citrisil Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner

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Color:: Blue
Bottle Size:: 1 Liter Bottle
Qty:: 50 per box
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Citrisil is the only all-in-one, shock and daily maintenance dental water line tablet. Citrisil tablets maintain dental unit waterlines to ~≤10 CFU/ml HPC bacteria.
  • Eliminates need to empty bottles, purge and air dry lines at night
  • Each box includes one Citrisil™ Shock tablet
  • FDA Cleared
  • EPA registered to produce less than or equal to 10 CFU per ml HPC purity; 50 times below the ADA and CDC guidelines.

What is the difference between the White tablet and the Blue tablet?

They are exactly the same in regards to active ingredients and efficacy rating. The blue is simply a slight colorant to help with visual compliance. The colorant aids in determining whether or not the office’s water has been treated and also indicates the water line in the bottle.

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