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Powerful and versatile dental unit waterline shock treatment for external bottle systems. May also be used as a weekly treatment. Liquid Ultra Solution kills biofilm bacteria in dental unit waterlines.

Liquid Ultra solution is the only EPA registered dental unit waterline treatment granted ALL of the following claims:

  • Kills biofilm bacteria
  • Removes existing biofilm from dental unit waterlines
  • Prevents and suppresses formation of biofilm in dental unit waterlines
  • Maintains dental unit water effluent less than 500 CFU/mL

How to Use Liquid Ultra Solution:

Liquid Ultra solution offers multiple treatment options for bottle-fed systems to give your office the flexibility it needs!

Weekly treatment:

  • As a weekly treatment on its own - with none of the downsides that can come with tablet use.
    • Nothing to add to the water bottle with every water change
    • No worries about undissolved tablet solids adversely affecting expensive handpieces over time
    • No risk of staff exposure to daily chemicals
  • Thank Pink Once a Week!

In conjunction with a tablet protocol:

  • As a shocking solution as recommended in your daily waterline treatment IFU

Best practice solution:

  • To rapidly treat waterlines prior to initiating a new treatment protocol
  • To quickly treat dental unit waterlines with extremely high CFU conditions

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